Sunday, June 22, 2014

NEW: CafePress Traffic Fusion Gift Shop

We placed our logo along with this message on various clothing and gift items; 

The Traffic Exchange Where You Surf For A Downline

A great conversation maker - prospect generator! 
Traffic-Fusion Long Sleeve T-Shirt
If clicking on the shirt above doesn't take you there, copy and past this into your browser: 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

NEW Video: How to use Surfing & Promotion For Referrals

Use these unique team building tools to build your down line and then spread the word about them. There`s a MASSIVE number of newish marketers that don`t know how to get their first contacts. You can help them to do just that with Surfing & Promotion for referrals.

New Splash Page - Promotion for referrals

Eric took the video he created about Promotion For Referrals and placed it on a new, sharp looking background. I recommend this newest splash page for higher conversions! 

You can find your page in the Affiliate Toolbox (the very last splash page shown there) (Alternately, you can remove the 5 at the end of the URL below and replace it with your Member I.D.)

Thanks for the new sharp looking page, Eric! Check it out, here:

If there are any questions, connect with me on Skype, ID: louis.paquette2. And join our Skype Traffic Fusion group discussion, located here:

Best Regards!

Louis Paquette