Saturday, June 20, 2015

Jon Olson Interviews Tezak, Goettman

Jon Olson from Tim Tech (a TE conglomerate) interviews my partner in Traffic-Fusion and Shockwave-Traffic, Eric Goettman. Jon begins the webinar by nominating Eric for President. Then Eric shares his beginnings in the TE business roughly 6 years ago, the importance of list building, and so on. Here is a link to the interview:


Tezak, Olson discuss evolution, challenges of Traffic Exchange genre

Note: At around the 57 minute spot they reviewed ShockWave Traffic, giving it a positive thumbs up, admiring my partner's, Eric Goettman's programming style, in an otherwise challenging sub-group of mandatory upgrade Traffic Exchanges, which I will add, there are few of. What was not pointed out is why our SWT has thrived, let alone survive. It's because we pay amongst the highest commissions of all Traffic Exchanges, up to 75% for some categories or pay. This is exceptionally high for this group.

Here is a link to the interview Jon did with Tony: