Friday, March 25, 2011

NEW FEATURE: Cash for Traffic - Member's Update March 24, 2011

This is an incentive to advertise the Premium URL Rotator page: (this is what it looks like but get this link from YOUR members page, or substitute the "0" at the end of this link with YOUR OWN ID Number).
When you drive at least 500 unique views in a 24 hour period in traffic to our new Premium URL Rotator, you're going to get 10 cents added to your TF account automatically
Of course the main incentive to advertise the Rotator page is to get YOU sign ups. Whether you are an upgraded member or not. Both of the "Join" buttons lead to YOUR affiliate link. And if new people join to use the Rotator - they're going to have to upgrade to at least Platinum to get that. So use the page. This way though - even FREE members can earn a little cash and over time use it to upgrade if they wish.  
What other splash page in any Traffic Exchange pays you actual MONEY for promoting your own referral link? ;)
How to get 500 Visits/Day
But - HOW will you be able to bring that many views to the page in a single day? Here - watch this video Eric has done on "Power surfing" to earn credits at a bunch of TEs at the same time. We will also be offering ongoing training such as live webinars in time on how to generate traffic.
How to track traffic volume
How will you know if you are getting enough traffic? You can sign up as a free member at TE Toolbox - click "Tools" and then "Website Rotator" and enter your personal TF URL Rotator link. Then you can track how many hits you are getting each day. (we will likely do a video on this is the near future).
Questions? Drop us an email at or at our Skype members conversation.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Traffic-FusionCafepress site

Great branding and for gifts! (note - these will be ready as soon as we get proper graphics for it)

Come visit my store on CafePress!

Revised TOS

REFERALS WILL BE DELIVERED IN THE ORDER THEY ARE EARNED. The timing of delivery is NOT guaranteed. Referrals will be distributed as they arrive.
Referrals will be delivered on a best efforts basis, when they are made available. Members go into a que after qualifying themselves and referrals are given to members in that order. But there is no guarantee when or even if referrals will ever be delivered.

Disclaimer terms can be revised without notice.

Friday, February 4, 2011

One Very Emotional Week In The Traffic Exchanges - Jon Olson

"Also, *lol* I have to laugh because when I saw this video pop up on my Facebook page, it made me laugh for a good 20 minutes. The guys at Traffic Fusion did something I’ve been BEGGING this industry to do for years…And they did it using comedy and created one of the best promotional videos I have ever seen. Kudos to them!"

- Jon Olson comments on Eric's latest promo vido "Chester the Sweeva Surfer

New Enhancments as of February 2nd