Monday, April 28, 2014

Traffic Exchanges - What Are They Good For? And how best to utilize them

If I asked you what the primary purpose of Traffic Exchanges, how would you reply? If you said; "to make sales" and/or to sign up people into your programs, you may not be utilizing Traffic Exchanges to their full potential.

Primary Purposes of Traffic Exchanges
1. Branding YOU
2. List building
3. Selling and recruiting

These have been listed in this order deliberately. 

You need to give people the opportunity to get to know what a great guy/gal you are, and why they should want to work with you before selling to them. You can begin to do that by advertising at Traffic Exchanges which are very "social" these days and give you exposure to large numbers of highly targeted prospects. 

People join people who they know - not programs. People who they know, like and trust. Actually - they do join shiny objects (programs with slick lead capture pages) - but rarely with the conviction that comes with joining someone they know, like and trust. And for that reason these people who sign up with programs, often don't upgrade like people from your "warm list" do. Proper use of TE's can allow you to make initial contacts and start to build relationships that can build your warm list over time.

To make the most of Traffic Exchanges, focus on 1 & 2 above first and selling stuff after these are well in place. 

But what are some of the specific actions you can take to expedite the process? 

Here's ten ways to do that: (Continued here)

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